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Single Spring Shaft Seal (HS-52 CL)

Contact us for Single Spring Shaft Seal (HS-52 CL). The Shaft Seals we make available are manufactured in compliance with set industrial norms. Buyers can obtain these at affordable rates from us.


Description : Type HS-52CL series seals are Single Spring Seals driven by clutches, these seals are specially designed for Dyeing machines since these seals are not effected by rotation of shaft direction.

Specifications :

  • Shaft Diameter - 20mm to 60mm
  • Pressure Unbalanced - 10 bar
  • Speed - 2900 rpm
  • Temperature - 1800oC
  • Face Combination - Carbon, Silicon carbide, Tungsten
  • Carbide, Stellite etc.


Material Metal
Shape Round
Application Aqueous Solutions Chemicals, Corrosives, Some Acids, Ubricating Liquids
Color Grey-silver, Metallic, Shiny-silver, Silver
Temperature Range 0-25 Degree C
Surface Finishing Coated